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For over 25 years, the team at Skyleader has been transforming a passion for aviation into aircraft with unmatched quality and craftsmanship. By designing, developing, testing, and manufacturing every model in-house, we can apply our keen attention to detail to ensure the best fit and finish of each aircraft as it rolls off the assembly line.

AIR OPERATION TECHNOLOGIES, a.s based in the Czech Republic specialize in design, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of all–metal and carbon-composite light aircraft (ultralight/microlight/LSA category) under trademark “SKYLEADER” for more than 22 years. AIR OPERATION TECHNOLOGIES, a.s has recently received the BCAR A8-1 approval reference DAI/9980/22 from the UK CAA. Our aircraft portfolio for the UK includes the latest generation Skyleader 400 & 600 RG. They are manufactured to the rigorous BCARS & ASTM International Standards. Pilots around the world enjoy the pleasure of flying these well-designed and affordable aircraft.

All of our aircraft have different levels of equipment in their standard ‘Ready-to-Fly’ configuration. During manufacture, each individual aircraft can be extensively customized to the owner’s requirements. The engine choices vary from the frugal 80HP Rotax 912UL to the advanced 100HP 912iS. Coupled with the very light weight E-props or the variable pitch DUC propellers, they deliver the most reliable power. Avionics options include the latest offerings from Garmin, Dynon and Kanardia to suit every mission.


To ensure the safety and longevity, we have chosen to use proven aircraft building technologies. The all-metal riveted structure provides a strong frame that is easy to repair in case of damage coupled with a robust landing gear, a popular feature among schools and flying clubs. Safety can be further enhanced with adding a built in Ballistic Parachute Recovery System (BPRS) on all our aircraft.

Ashok Aliseril , director of Inditu Air Services Ltd. trading as Skyleader UK, based at North Weald Airfield (EGSX) in Essex is the sole distributor for Skyleader Aircraft in the United Kingdom & Ireland. Both the Skyleader 600 and 400 are currently going through the BMAA type approval process in the new 600kg Light Sport Microlight category. 

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